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His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style, combined with a singularly potent mix of influences across color lines that coincided with the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, made him enormously popular—and controversial.

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(non gli si pu sparare per via delle penalit...) alla fine ti spara lui e ti accoppa. invece i bantiti c'hanno una mira che ti seccano sempre al primo colpo. :rolleyes: ma ora ho il problema che non mi si avvia il gioco dopo aver smanettato con il file

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A statement from the band stated that the members "felt it necessary to take some immediate time to focus on our friendship, as that's more important than risking it for the sake of touring at this time." In an Alternative Press cover story on Underoath, Michael "Fat Mike" Burkett told the magazine that Chamberlain had confided in him that Underoath's band members had been "having a lot of arguments over their religious beliefs." Burkett admitted to that he had poked fun at the band for their beliefs, but emphasized that he befriended Underoath's band members at the start of the tour and had a personal policy of not making jokes on-stage about anyone he was not friends with or did not like personally.