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Their case is the apparent murder and robbery of a man who is found be his brother.

Nick gets pulled in by his prostitute friend who gets in a scuffle with hotel security.

In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, its reputation for providing instant success for those willing to try their luck draws in the hopeful and the naive. - Den Ttern auf der Spur CSI: Den Ttern auf der Spur CSI: Las Vegas CSI: Scena del Crimine Les Experts CSI: Kryminalne zagadki Las Vegas Genres: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller Language: english Runtime: 60 mins Official Website / IMDB-Link Gil Grissom is the supervisor of the graveyard shift of Las Vegas' elite crime scene investigators.

This constant influx of visitors also provides ripe targets for criminals of all varieties, confident they will never be caught. Holly Gribbs, fresh out of the academy, joins the team.

Unfortunately for them, most are proven wrong by the Las Vegas Police Department's night shift Crime Scene Investigations unit led by Gill Grissom. Jim Brass is head of the unit and is trying to scare Gribbs from CSI.

With almost obsessive dedication towards his quest for the facts, he and his elite team of investigators work various perplexing cases using scientific skills and equipment that are capable of finding valuable clues from the most seemingly unlikely sources. Catherine Willows, mother of a young daughter, is the number two CSI on this shift.

What initially looks like a bizarre cult murder becomes more disturbing when they discover the motive behind the massacre.

Royce Harmon was murdered 3 months ago in a scene staged to look like a suicide. Whoever the killer is he has a thorough knowledge of forensics, he purposefully has left evidence, and has baffled Grissom and his team.

Grissom investigates a murder staged to look like a suicide with precious little evidence.Warrick, on suspension, learns he has a debt to the judge.Grissom and Nick take the case of a man who kills himself hours after winning a casino jackpot.Grissom and Catherine investigate when a leg is found severed from a body in a lake. Meanwhile Sara and Nick investigate a fraternity pledging gone terribly wrong.Grissom and Warrick take the case of a young man who is found naked in the desert without an obvious cause of death.

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Catherine violates department protocol when she takes the case of a rape accusation against her ex-husband.

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