Dating mark lee would include

• idek where to start tbh • ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you • MINUS DONGHYUCK • HE CANNOT STAND YOU AND VISE VERSA • ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW • MARK LOVES IT. ” “mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion • you guys talk about your concerns though. • his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). • you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?

• you guys react to new music videos together • OK YOUR SELFIES ARE THE CUTEST SELFIES LIKE SO CUTE SINCE MARK LOOKS LIKE HE’S LIKE 12 IT’S THE CUTEST THING LIKE IT LOOKS KINDA AWKWARD BUT ITS SO CUTE • some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark • mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. • at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. • and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together. i got you.” • but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear • lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. • he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him • k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;; • you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning. He soon acquired a notorious reputation from American historians of the time as the "Hair Buyer of Detroit") for helping British financed Indians scalp rebel Americans on the frontiers.In February 1779, he was one of the many of the King's 8th Regiment captured by the Americans at Vincennes in the famous expedition led by George Rogers Clark and was sent in chains to Williamsburg, Virginia.

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