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The problem I have with this is that clients think end of year accounts can now be a breeze if they use Xero, but due to this limitation it unfortunately may not always be the case for these clients.Would love to hear how others are handling this as I'm still trying to find an easy solution.So looking forward soon the pooling options in XERO.. I have many small business clients here is Australia too that need some way to handle this. We use AE and would LOVE LOVE to move over to Xero.At the moment I cannot use the Xero Asset Register from them and have to manually calculate depreciation in an Excel spreadsheet. Most of the clients using Xero are SME and will be using a POOL. I'm aiming on moving the majority of clients across to help with efficiencies. however, as far as reporting for and managing Assets Pools including LVP etc, Its holding my move to xero and the other benefits xero can offer. About a year ago @Tim Wright said "We're aware of these areas and looking at what we can do to address them in the future." but I have not heard of any progress. It is a real shame that this has not been looked at as a priority.

I hope now at least after repeated requests, XERO team will take immediate action to implement the changes.You have to split the pool before disposal - I think I'd rather part the Red Sea.Tim, you might want to consider another depreciation type - Pool - and from that you might be able to define multiple depreciation rates over the journey and selling a percentage of the pool rather than the whole pool.If I need to emulate a simplified pool by changing line items in that pool - it detracts from the simplification and advantage offered by the ATO to small business.Having your software be less accommodating and undersntading than the tax man *** sad face *** I look forward to your functionality enhancement Xero Development Team! Whilst I understand the Xero depreciation module is purely an "accounting" depreciation method, it does limit us Aussie accountants in terms of "tax" depreciation when assets are sold in a general pool which makes doing end of year financials tricky for those clients.

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