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Here at the hospital we release a quarterly GP newsletter to keep you up-to-date with everything that is going on, from upcoming GP events to hospital developments.Read our 2017 first quarter newsletter now Referring your patient privately to Spire Washington Hospital not only benefits your patient but also saves the NHS valuable money and resources to continue caring for others.

It has the benefit of automatically giving you the exact date/time when the given user's password will expire even taking into account things like fine-grained password policies if you're using them.

Find One() $Pwd Exp = [Date Time]:: From File Time($me.

Properties.'msds-userpasswordexpirytimecomputed'[0]) $Next Pwd Change = [Math]:: Round(($Pwd Exp - (Get-Date)).

Something that finds the expiration date and then writes it to a file on the local computer: $Searcher = New-Object System. Search Root = "LDAP://$Env: USERDNSDOMAIN" $Searcher. Properties.pwdlastset[0]) $Pwd Age = (New-Time Span $Pwd Last Set (Get-Date)).

Total Days $Next Pwd Change = 60 - $Pwd Age [Math]:: Round($Next Pwd Change, 0) | Out-File (Join-Path $Env: USERPROFILE 'pwdage.txt') That will figure out the last time the user's password was changed, calculate how old that is and write the difference from 60 days into a text file in the user's profile folder.

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  1. that is a problem that is disturing me since a longer time .... may be you need to change you language to german because of the Script?? I used Java Script because in an other files it was working better.

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