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With over a dozen guitar trunks you’ll see that the band’s four guitar techs have their hands quite full.Special thanks to The Eagles, Victor Rodriguez, and all the Eagles crew for letting Guitar Techworks come down for Continue reading The Black Crowes gear shots from HOB in Dallas on 9-26-2010.We’ve included the bulk pack of strings (25 sets), tuners, humidifiers, Continue reading The Rolling Stones are BACK! You know, the the compartments that most people stuff with luggage for a 30 day trip (that Continue reading The Rolling Stones 14 on Fire Finally home from the Rolling Stones 14 on Fire leg of the European Tour.Had a great trip and got to see some amazing places and amazing gigs.

These were shot at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California on September 2, 2010.

Guitar Techworks's Facebook Wall Cool book to have if a Zeppelin fan…

Five Things You Might Not Know About Jimmy Page's Guitars Jeff Strawman, author of the 2015 book ' Led Zeppelin Gear: All the Gear from Led Zeppelin and the Solo Careers,' shares some lesser-known facts about Jimmy Page's guitars.

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Guitartechworks and D’Addario are offering a giveaway bundle of various guitar accessories and electric guitar strings.

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Rich gives you a candid interview on the current album and the band’s future plans.

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