How to tell kids about dating after a divorce

They may also wonder how your separation will affect the family. Remind them that they will continue to have a relationship with both you and your ex-spouse.

For example, they may wonder what’s going to happen with family traditions. Tell them that you don’t need or want them to “pick sides.” They can make their own decisions.

Divorce can be hard for children, even when they’re adults.

Perhaps we simply have more time in our 60s, with fewer family and work commitments, to reevaluate our lives and the people in them.

It’s common for women going through divorce after 60 to feel a sense of grief, guilt or even shame.

While much of the cultural stigma surrounding divorce has diminished, it’s natural to feel some sadness and regret. Stay active socially and in your career (if you are still working) or take up volunteering.

You can’t control every aspect of the experience, but, you can choose the frame from which you view the situation. Write down 3 ways that your divorce is an opportunity for you to live a better life.

Look for women in your circle of friends who went through a divorce over 5 years ago. What has it freed you to do and what has it liberated you from?

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