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After unloading her million Beverly Hills, Calif. But in that same interview, she said she was tired of talking about Brad Pitt, so we're not so sure we believe her.mansion in 2011, Jen and Justin joined forces on a modest two-bedroom, 1,761-square-foot across town in Hollywood Hills. Things got gross with Jen and Justin when they started dressing alike, stepping out in matching boots, leather jackets and all-black rocker chic attire. Stars are just like us, so when Theroux was ready to take his relationship to a serious level, he sat down with the dad-iston -- "Days of Our Lives" star John Aniston.Fun Fact: Theroux was in "Zoolander" with Stiller and Taylor.If you trust the magazines, then Jen has been pregnant for the last decade, so it was only natural for folks to wonder when Aniston would get knocked up by Theroux. Now that she was in love, Jen didn't need big, material possessions to prove her worth.The clock continued to tick as Jen turned 43 on Feb.11, 2012, and to celebrate, Justin threw his lady a big party at the famed Chateau Marmont Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif.Jen and Justin headed to Hawaii in August 2011 to celebrate Theroux's 40th birthday -- a trip he initially planned with the quickly forgotten ex-girlfriend.

He rode his newfound fame to an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and Jen was right there by his side to support him.All Jen's A-list friends were there, but she couldn't take her eyes off Justin, who had also taken her to a more relaxed private dinner at the hotel the night before.Reports say she was spotted lighting a cigarette, meaning this baby thing may never happen.Finally, the movie that brought them together -- "Wanderlust" -- premiered on Feb.16, 2012, and the couple did their best to keep the mystery alive by not walking the red carpet together.

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