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The previous section explained about an event called “onselecting” which gets raised during select operations.

This means that the selected data will be available only after this event.

For this you can easily create a protected method and use databind to display the username in the txt User Name Text Box.

But, now the question is that how will you update the username or send the username to the database.

I dont want to sound stupid but how do you create a protected string and where is that code placed as I keep getting errors.

Is there any chance you could provide the full code and I will be really greatful.

Sometimes, we will use stored procedures to bind the data to a databound control using Sql Datasource control.

I am very new to and have tried what you suggested.By default, when we configure the Sql Data Source control with a Databound control it will populate the data on the initial page load.At times, we need to restrict the databind on initial page load and populate it in subsequent postbacks. Sql Data Source expose various events during the process of data binding to have a control on databinding.With these events, it is possible to do customizations and even implementing business rules dynamically during the databind operation.To cancel a databind, we can utilize the “onselecting” event which will be raised by Sql Data Source control during every database select operation.

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The Sql Data Source Selecting Event Args object is packed with a property called “Cancel” which can be used to cancel the databind.

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