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Often the fifth person's attendance is encouraged by one of the well-meaning but ignorant female partners, who may feel sorry for the lonely person, but will inevitably ignore them once the lovemaking starts.

It carries the connotation that the fifth person is often an unneccesary and unwelcome addition to the scene in these conditions.

During the week that these were in play, only two tags were ever hit, with one lost to Bankrupt and the other "kept", and several variables involving the tags were not explored.

Another unique property of the ½ Car Wedge was that it affected two other spaces on the Wheel for aesthetic purposes: the red 0 wedge became blue until Round 4, and the Wild Card moved to the pink 0.

At the end, they would all vote on whom they would like to go out with, and an option of choosing "nobody" as well.

The original ½ Car Wedges were used for a special Road Trip week in Season 28.And we leave and then we all start missing it in a couple of weeks, and I start stockpiling going onto Netflix (including the most recent season four, but only in the States), some fans have wondered if the show could come back via the streaming site.We'd say it's probably unlikely – the BBC know how precious is, and are unlikely to let it go without a fight – but we wouldn't be surprised if Netflix was trying to work out some way of getting in on the action. So much unfinished business."The thing is, we've been asking ourselves the same question. Joining Big Driis for the new series will be old favourites Dermot Crowley (DSU Martin Schenk) and Michael Smiley (Benny Silver), with Patrick Malahide - who debuted in series 4 as gangster George Cornelius - also returning. Striding back into the line of fire, he must choose who to protect… Whatever his next move, it will have devastating consequences for those around him — and change John Luther forever.

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At the end, they would all vote on whom they would like to go out with, and an option of choosing "nobody" as well. The series was produced by Renegade Productions, a subdivision of Bobwell Productions/Gold Coast Entertainment—the same company that produced Blind Date (which would often air before The 5th Wheel) -- but was more provocative and sexual in nature than its sister series, offering crazier and more elaborate subtitles and superimposed animated jokes which altered the appearance of the scene featuring each couple.

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